Here at New Grove Manor, we offer a myriad of amenities to ensure enriching and enjoyable experiences for our residents! ​Please take time out to learn more about the various amenities that we offer to our residents!

Culinary Services

Culinary Services

We provide skillfully personalized culinary services onsite, which are both delicious and nutritious for each residents dietary needs! Together with our in-house Dietitian Team, our gourmet chef prepares appetizing meals to accommodate all diets, food restrictions, and even the most discriminating palate. Multicultural dining options are available including, Indian & coming soon an African Diaspora- Inspired Menu!



Here at New Grove Manor, entertainment and enjoyment are values that we hold very near and dear to our hearts! We believe that recreation is crucial to one's health and overall well-being. Activities Include: Coffee Hour, Trivia Games, Arts & Crafts, Bingo, Reminiscing Hour, Outdoor Barbecues, Spelling Bees, Casino Games, Newspaper Updates, Cookie Cinema & Movie Talk, Women's Club, Men's Club. Please subscribe to our newsletter for access to our activities calendar and priority updates on our current events!

Cultural Program

Cultural Programs

Food, religious services, activities, decor, atmosphere, customs, history, celebrations, & customs of the African Diaspora. Staff, food, religious services, activities, decor, atmosphere, celebrations, & customs of various Indian cultures

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